Wednesday, February 25, 2009

..bad habit..

i really need to stop this..

patience in arabic

...a small reminder to myself to breathe.. it will come..

Monday, February 23, 2009

..and the winner goes to...

so i was so stoked over the oscars this year
(maybe its because nothing better to do and i missed the grammys)
but as retarded as I am, I started watching all the E! pre-shows around 1ish...

the trends still the same from the AA:
-beige, white, ivory hues
-strapless & asymmetrical
- light weight fabrics with soft draping
-encrusted and/or sequenced bodices
-chunky ass jewelry

here are my picks of the night...

frieda pinto in john galliano / angelina jolie in ellie saab
..ok who doesn't love galliano? / my favorite dress of the night..

penelope cruz in vintage pierre balmain / melissa george in D&G
this dress is 60 yrs old!! / love the boning structure of this dress

taraji p. henson in roberto cavalli / miley cyrus in zuhair murad
like galliano, you always love cavalli / love the dress..her not so much..

natalie portman in rodarte / kate winslet in atelier YSL by stefano pilati
love the intricate draping on the bust / my heart will go on... 

marissa tomei in versace/ nicole kidman in l'wrenn scott
i pity the person who had to draw that pattern up.. / wonder if she has allergies 

all pictures from 
(except kidman)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

..i want..

i want 
i want
i want

elizabeth & james
draped tank ($165) / batwing mini dress ($425)

and this

florent romper ($273)

and this

betsey johnson / gucci
nyla shoe ($200) / kotai shoe ($775)

and this

disney couture jewelry
the wonderful thought ring ($28) / the cogsworth necklace  ($42.88)

ohh how i could go on... sadly my wallet is not responding...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

..laughing plastic.. its fantastic..

I haven't kept myself very up to date with fashion week..

-being sick
-having fall orders due
 -house sitting a house that has a jungle for a back yard isn't too comforting..
(yeah, who gives a f about my safety.. i'll just sneeze on the intruder)
however, back to the topic

from the what i did see through the mounds of kleenex fall seemed a bit dull.

but the most eventful show of fashion week (for me)
i know gay yeah.. but i enjoyed it.. 

Happy Birthday Barbie!-
"the iconic doll celebrated 50 years with runway show featuring looks created by 50 American designers, including Micheal Kors, Calving Klein, Anna Sui, and Diane von Furstenburg.  The world's top models brought the doll to life in three themed wardrobe sets.  The first looks were a tribute to the retro dolls of the '50s and '60s, followed by a Malibu Barbie-inspired crop with big hair and tanned skin, and the finale featured edgier looks with clear plastic toppers that gave the audience a peek into Barbie's bright future." -In Style


rachel roy/baby phat/kenneth cole/tibi

enjoy the full (3 part) runway show on youtube.. 
can you guess who designed what dress?

see if you guessed right by checking out all the different designer barbies on the instyle link...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


congrats to me... im offically sick... 
yep.. i have the runny nose, fever, headache, sinus pressure, sore throat, etc... 

..head cold..

there are mounds of tissue every where.. and i have every possible drug either swallowed or stuck up my nose... sigh... please let this end quick.. i hate getting all whiney... 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

although i felt like death today, i did drag myself out of bed to my Hurley appt. to view the juniors fall 09 line..

as you know (you may not know).. hurley is one of my favorite surf brands... i love the fact that they mix men's with women's wear to keep their look comfy, relaxed, and fashion forward... hurley calls there look: "tomboy pretty"

i adore this description, i feel that my personal style reflects this.. im not all girl.. just part time butch..hehehe..(not in the literal sense.) 

fall 09, Hurley's "inspiration" was to mix and match the up to date fashions of your typical hurley girl combined with the crap in they're boyfriends closet. (personally there is absolutely nothing in my bf's closet that id like to wear...)

here's front cover of hurley 09.. (forgot to snag the look book)

my girl rosie... sadly hurley sold out to sponsor bar refaeli
guess the sports illustrated cover paid off for hurley.
hurley fall 09 color pallet 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

snagged these shades at the new hurley store at ward. that i get a 50% discount..

Monday, February 16, 2009

D. it is written

just came back from watching an incredibly awesome movie..

if you haven't seen it.. go watch it 
for god's sake.. 

i'll be rootin for you at the oscars... (obviously they won't need it.. but just for my sheer selfish enjoyment)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

..story of my life...

I am constantly complaining about how this wonderful economy is screwing with the enjoyment of my job... 

-from the constant nagging from all stores being unhappy for any possible reason that requires them to use their brain.   

-to endless repetition of my boss' "smart ass" remarks. even though you warned him like 
5 months ago.. 

-to fighting with the vendors because your not 
meeting last yrs buys... in addition that you are requesting a heap load of RTV's and/or Markdown $.. 

basically just write my company a big fat check cuz your shit aint selling... 

here's one mind blowing conversation: 
vendor: "since we our businesses have such a great relationship, we will join together so that we can create profit for both of our businesses in the bad economy"

me: "great what did you have in mind?"

vendor: "if you double your buys with us, we will give you a 60% IMU"

me: (Choking) "you need to talk to my boss"

i don't see how doubling my buys and doubling my inventory to the sizes of macy's inventory (who i might add has moved there entire buying divisions to the east coast...thank you god!!) is completely insane!!!

umm were in a economic slump... that don't mean 
were rollin in the doe.

so i was comforted when I found this story on

this article does a great job of explaining what we buyers maybe going through.. and the stresses of buying smaller, later, and with NO MONEY..

Friday, February 13, 2009

..fuck the po po..

killed my day
thank you mr. officer for my 1st speeding ticket ($152)...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

..thats my bitch...

home gurl took it home!!! 

i love this girl...  i wanna be her best friend :0)

now if i can just figure out how to go to her san diego concert in march or her nyc concert in may... grrrrr... work son..

....ahhhhh fall 09 season is here....

(half of the line sheets that i need to go through..)
(the pooch refused to move)

-so many orders to write

-so many lines to see 
(they mostly look all the same, if plaid is in... 
plaid is EVERYWHERE!!!..the 80's neon craze 
almost made me blind..)

-so many markdowns to do
(can't i just set it on fire... no one wants it anyways)

-so many people to persuade to give me bigger discounts 
to take it back their crap all together... 
(i can't even give this shit away...)

-so many loong lectures from my socially impaired boss..
(im female, has a vagina, and italian... fuck me..)

-so many "great saving deals" to convince people to spend their money.
(yeah right..)

..this crappy economy isn't making my job any easier..
(my apologies for the crabbiness...)

tell me whatcha think?

Sunday, February 1, 2009



"to become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them." 
- charles de montesquieu

next time try not to be so vain...