Wednesday, October 28, 2009 project..

Even though my friend kristin has the fun costume this year of being Max from where the wild things secretly jealous and wish i could of stole her idea.. (i mean who wouldn't want to run around like a 7yr old in a furry jumpsuit with a crown?? add some booze and your set!) but i have to focus on promoting a new project im working on.. So me and my lil sidekick mia will be strolling the mall as geishas while passing out business cards... (hopefully i'll be able to walk properly in my geta)

why you ask?

me and my ninja roommate urple created a lil asian doggie line...

(yes i know dressing your dogs like humans is a bit ridiculous and borderline neurotic.. but the truth is... people spend the money for this! i.e. my mother)

I got inspired when I took a post graduation trip to China & Japan.. where i loved/blown away by all the cute fabrics prints that japan had to offer and the insane amounts of of people who clothed their dogs..this instantly reminded me of my wacky mother her dresses her two tibetian terriers daily to compensate her sadness that her two kids are no longer living at home. After pitching the idea to the mum and buying enough fabric to create a fire hazard in my living room there was no turning back..

here are some examples of what we are offering:

doggie kimono

bento squeak toys

after many many months of searching for reliable pattern makers & manufacturers, and while loosing my mind a few times... we are almost complete and ready to go..

check out our website to see where inu inu will be available at!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

..i know its sad..

i know its sad... and i completely hate the fact that i get all giddy like every 15 yr. old who kisses their team edward poster every night before they float up to cloud 9... but i can't help it... this series does something to me.... blahhh

trailer that still gives me chills every time i see it... im pretty pathetic...

still contemplating going on opening night.. but terrified to show my face in line with some teeny boppers... hmm might have to just use some self discipline and lots
and lots of patience.

seriously hate this..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

..i vant you..

while up on one of my buying trips... the lil roomie and i made a must needed stop to the new opening ceremony in LA.... there i fell in love..

the lil roomie urple.. introduced me the designer brand:
when she saw me grasping/semi-drooling at this PS1 bag contemplating throwing down 2k for this baby.. thank god reality set in and i realized i definitely did not have 2k to throw down in the first place...
ps1 blk leather crossover bag

of course after i came home i did what any other fashionista girl would do.... check what other yummy things these babies have for me to drool over.. and.... surf ebay to see if there was something less back breaking for my budget... (that didn't work out well for me)

leather bag/clutch... 2.7K yikes!

urple would gobble this up in a sec

for the inner hooker in me..

but...on the bright side.. not only do these boyz create amazing bags, but they create an apparal line (fall was a bit too heavy for the hawaii weather i live in.. poop), hot mama hooker shoes, and lastly these dudes are gooooodd lookin... yumm

what you think..??

can i have a job please?? to be able to work with such amazing designers who's merchandise is full of sophisticated dark hues combined with a twist of mimimal/hardcore details..

3 words..


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dancing Between Heaven & Hell

if you live in HI... come check out our lil musical...
(fyi: i ain't singin or dancin... just throwing my normal tantrums..)