Tuesday, September 1, 2009

..its that time again..

so ive been doing a really crap job on keeping up with this blog..
life's a tad bit busy with a mixture of im just fuckin lazy..

but its that time again...

so i'll be dragging my ass back to CA (not like i mind or anything) to visit my korean/mexican friends down at the LA garment district and then making my way down to SD for the ASR trade-show.... (gonna allow my self to get hammered this year..)

i would much rather be in NYC for fashion week.. or the MAGIC trade show in vegas going on NOW!!... but hey, we all can't get what we want right... FML.. guess i'll just have to wait for my boss to realize thats where all the cool kids go... booo

at least i'll be accompanied with my little ninja side kick urple...
thank the lord for that... hopefully i'll get some good eats & shopping in...

cross thy fingers..