Monday, November 28, 2011

..i vant..

so my new obsession(s) has been and

I check these sites like saying my bedtime prayers... and why have I not heard of these sites before blows my mind. I never buy anything, but for some reason it has molded its way into my daily scheduled... Although i do find it easier to convince myself to waste money on random things... but one thing that i do like about is that features a good amount of smaller businesses and im all about supporting the little guys... woot woot..

my latest finds: (that I cannot afford)

20th Obsession: unique vintage pieces..

there is something about this ring that mesmerizes me..
Betty Cooke Gold Ring w/pearl - $1,100 - $715

why would i ever need a crown? (yes, its literally a crown)
well other then some delusional reasons.. i think it would really be a cute dust collector to have around the house and when i'm feeling a bit royal I could pop it on and work on my wave....

Sterling Vermeil Crown - $1,980 - $1,287

i'll keep dreaming...