Thursday, December 31, 2009 new year ressie...

so now comes the time when everyone comes up with those hopeful weight loss/quit smoking resolutions that usually starts of with determination, but unfortunately ends up in the back of your mind and/or closet...

most people crack at the sight of a banana split or a sip of vodka... (im one of em, the things you could get me to do for ice cream & liqour) so here's my stab at 2010... ive been pretty fut-less lately with my life's achievements so hopefully i'll keep the flame burning and not cope out when someone dangles a brownie in front of my face....

my new years resolution:

1. to continue to achieve the dreams that were instilled into me, while still being me.
(which hopefully includes an awesome job in nyc, that pays an amazing salary, that comes with an gorg loft in the city... red brick walls preferred... & my bf, urple, & mia in hand is the icing on the cake...
(one can only hope..)

2. to exercise more/eat less
(what human being does NOT say this during the new year? admit it.. we are all a inner fatty..)
(good for the body)

3. to wear my heels
(i have a semi problematic fetish of collecting shoes that I say... "im going to wear when I go out..." problem is: i never go out..... however, you gotta admit its a good work out for the hips, buns, & thighs... negs: blisters..)
(good for the money i already spent)

4. to travel more
(vegas is feb & nyc in march! woot woot)
(good for life)

5. save more $
(guess the shoes & travel hurts this one.. )
(only buy what i need & not what I want... this includes the grocery store!!)
(good for the wallet)

6. to read more
(have a little faith, lost symbol, the art of dancing in the rain... is the current list)
(good for the mind)

7. to take more classes
(there is always something to learn in this world.. why not learn something new or refreshing something old?..
(good for the soul.)

8. to blog more
(sometime i have nothing to talk about... and is partially lazy...)
(good for....?)

9. to not cut people off when they are talking..
(according to the bf.. i have a bad habit of cutting people off while they are talking... mainly due to mere excitement of the topic...)
(good for the manners i lack of)

10. to enjoy the life that has been given to me...
(good for... all of the above...)

happy 2010!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i know this is hella main stream... but how can one not get all hyped up when seeing this??

i guess if you like big lights.... heck... I DO! big lights, big goals, big dreams... i like big things.... (keep your thoughts to yourselves..)

this song makes me want to plug my ears and rock out to this song while doing my interpretation of a model strut down 5th ave... as if it was my new life anthem... (eye of the tiger will need to step aside..)

new vow: i WILL live in NYC... maybe not this second... maybe not forever... but I will live there!!!

till then.. i'll keep on dreamin

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 project..

Even though my friend kristin has the fun costume this year of being Max from where the wild things secretly jealous and wish i could of stole her idea.. (i mean who wouldn't want to run around like a 7yr old in a furry jumpsuit with a crown?? add some booze and your set!) but i have to focus on promoting a new project im working on.. So me and my lil sidekick mia will be strolling the mall as geishas while passing out business cards... (hopefully i'll be able to walk properly in my geta)

why you ask?

me and my ninja roommate urple created a lil asian doggie line...

(yes i know dressing your dogs like humans is a bit ridiculous and borderline neurotic.. but the truth is... people spend the money for this! i.e. my mother)

I got inspired when I took a post graduation trip to China & Japan.. where i loved/blown away by all the cute fabrics prints that japan had to offer and the insane amounts of of people who clothed their dogs..this instantly reminded me of my wacky mother her dresses her two tibetian terriers daily to compensate her sadness that her two kids are no longer living at home. After pitching the idea to the mum and buying enough fabric to create a fire hazard in my living room there was no turning back..

here are some examples of what we are offering:

doggie kimono

bento squeak toys

after many many months of searching for reliable pattern makers & manufacturers, and while loosing my mind a few times... we are almost complete and ready to go..

check out our website to see where inu inu will be available at!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

..i know its sad..

i know its sad... and i completely hate the fact that i get all giddy like every 15 yr. old who kisses their team edward poster every night before they float up to cloud 9... but i can't help it... this series does something to me.... blahhh

trailer that still gives me chills every time i see it... im pretty pathetic...

still contemplating going on opening night.. but terrified to show my face in line with some teeny boppers... hmm might have to just use some self discipline and lots
and lots of patience.

seriously hate this..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

..i vant you..

while up on one of my buying trips... the lil roomie and i made a must needed stop to the new opening ceremony in LA.... there i fell in love..

the lil roomie urple.. introduced me the designer brand:
when she saw me grasping/semi-drooling at this PS1 bag contemplating throwing down 2k for this baby.. thank god reality set in and i realized i definitely did not have 2k to throw down in the first place...
ps1 blk leather crossover bag

of course after i came home i did what any other fashionista girl would do.... check what other yummy things these babies have for me to drool over.. and.... surf ebay to see if there was something less back breaking for my budget... (that didn't work out well for me)

leather bag/clutch... 2.7K yikes!

urple would gobble this up in a sec

for the inner hooker in me..

but...on the bright side.. not only do these boyz create amazing bags, but they create an apparal line (fall was a bit too heavy for the hawaii weather i live in.. poop), hot mama hooker shoes, and lastly these dudes are gooooodd lookin... yumm

what you think..??

can i have a job please?? to be able to work with such amazing designers who's merchandise is full of sophisticated dark hues combined with a twist of mimimal/hardcore details..

3 words..


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dancing Between Heaven & Hell

if you live in HI... come check out our lil musical...
(fyi: i ain't singin or dancin... just throwing my normal tantrums..)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

..its that time again..

so ive been doing a really crap job on keeping up with this blog..
life's a tad bit busy with a mixture of im just fuckin lazy..

but its that time again...

so i'll be dragging my ass back to CA (not like i mind or anything) to visit my korean/mexican friends down at the LA garment district and then making my way down to SD for the ASR trade-show.... (gonna allow my self to get hammered this year..)

i would much rather be in NYC for fashion week.. or the MAGIC trade show in vegas going on NOW!!... but hey, we all can't get what we want right... FML.. guess i'll just have to wait for my boss to realize thats where all the cool kids go... booo

at least i'll be accompanied with my little ninja side kick urple...
thank the lord for that... hopefully i'll get some good eats & shopping in...

cross thy fingers..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 u see what I see?..

opened my eyes this morning and this is what greeted me...

(if you can't see it.. then you have no imagination... its a heart & the letter F)

haven't really figured out/made up the meaning of it..
love frank? love father? love fish? fuck love?

no clue

but it made me smile...
i love nice surprises in the a.m. it just starts your day off on the right foot..

Friday, August 14, 2009

..OKD Baby..

been busy with all the little projects i have been taking on.. some how i still think im super woman and that all things are possible.. (resulting in me gulping coffee as if its water and chewing on aleve as if it was gum... errrr) but i guess we will see...

but for now.. here's a fun ass article on the recent project i got to work on (act/costume)
cross your fingers and start praying so we can premier at sundance film festival baby!!

One Kine Day – written and directed by Chuck Mitsui - is smoothly rolling along through its final week of filming all on Oahu’s Windward side. The production wraps Friday, Aug. 14…The $1-million indie first created by Mitsui some nine years ago is on schedule, on budget, has brought back to Hawaii some local actors – Julia Nickson and Janel Parrish – to co star in the production while also giving some major breaks to local hopefuls like Nalu Boersma, Sean Reilly, Auriel Rickaud, Ryan Greer, and Naomi Cooper

Perhaps even more memorable are the smiles and aloha among the crew working on the project – some 50 a day and 99 percent local – who represent some of the most experienced crew talent that Hawaii offers…When you consider that crew salaries for indies are considerably lower than for bigger budget television shows and motion pictures, the ohana attitude on One Kine Day is even more remarkable…Even execs pitched in on duties normally filled by crew. Producer Torry Tukuafuearlier in the week coordinated EPK interviews even holding the boom during an interview with co star Julia Nickson

“It’s been like a family working on here,” a crew member told Reel Hawaii. “Everyone pitches in to do what needs to be done without being asked….Another veteran crew member said the local workers believe in the story. “It’s a great story, a real one about Hawaii, and told by a local filmmaker. Look around here and you see professional crew at the top of their game in Hawaii. We all came on board because we believe in this and like being really proud of making a film like this”…

Mitsui, an intense director offset by a beguiling smile and affavle personality, said “I wanted to make a film about a side of Hawaii that visitors never see. That’s why we’re shooting all of it on Windward Oahu and in neighborhoods like Waimanalo” and Hawaiian homelands.

For more on set pics and the rest of this article go to Tim Ryan's Reel Hawaii blog...

its one of my new favorite blogs to follow...

hopefully next, i'll get a gig on Jerry Bruckheimer's new episode coming to hawaii...

(please lord o please!! i swear i'll be good...)

pics of me on OKD set coming soon!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

..that mushy feeling...

if anyone knows me, you'd know that im a psycho die hard for animals.. especially doggies.. (i literally start speaking a different "animal" language when i see a 4 legged furry friend, like i was in church or something..)

i am practically banned by my family and bf (and his family) to go to pet stores because I tend to get filled with such overpowering excitement that turns me into moldable putty.. resulting in me looking like a sucker to the sales people. Sadly, whoever was lucky enough to join me in this adventure (usually the bf) suddenly ends up carrying a breathing "thing" in their hands while i skip down the aisle picking out all the things this furry lil friend HAS to have.. i tend to bring home doggies thinking they'll be the perfect gift for someone... it doesn't always lead to the imagined "perfect" ending i had hoped for.. (hence the banning from pet stores)

what can i say.. i love these creatures and i want everyone to love them as much as i do.. (would you call this an obsessive addiction?) how can anyone not love a poochie that gives unconditional love, an encouraging lick to get you out of bed, and above all that unexpected uncontrollable smile you get by just looking at them....

so i thought id share some cuuuutteee pixs from the island tails blog that i check from time to time.. (since im bored at work and can't seem to find the will to do anything productive)

(pictures from the island tails blog)

my cousins new baby... koda-matsu-lotsa-yen
(and you thought i was nutts..hehee)

and the cutest thing in the world.. my baby... Mia <3
(aka: mama, mama mia, mimi, swe swe, bubba, pretty girl, woof woof, my little dobash, etc..)

sad i know

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.. One Kine Day..

i officially booked my first acting gig!!

so the story is, i auditioned a few weeks back for a tiny role in a cool indie film. (yes, i secretly signed with an agent and have been taking acting classes for the past 6 months...) the funny/awkward thing is that i am also interning with them in their costuming dept. my manager/agent called me to tell me about this audition I got for a small indie film... randomly it was the same project. (can you imagine the weirdness when i came in for my audition.. yep...)

im super stoked and even though i have only a few lines, i hope i fulfill their expectations of a young teenage floozy.. hehe (i think have enough past memories that i can bring out my inner flirt).

the best thing of all, the staff is so cool and amazing.. i love my costume designer who has worked on countless films as Morgan Freeman's personal costume designer and who I am secretly begging for her to adopt me as her new love child and take me along everywhere she goes... (desperate? you bet!)

things are looking up and hopefully will open the doors to bigger and better things!!!

below are some "story ads" about the film:

some of the cast consists of:
-Christa B. Allen (Alea) who has been Jennifer Garner's younger self in "13 going on 30" & "Ghost of Girlfriends past".
-Janel Parrish (Leilani) who played Jade in the "Bratz Movie" and also did some episodes on the T.V. Series "Heros"
-Julia Nickson-Soul (Ralsto's Mom) who acted in "Rambo II", episodes of "Power Rangers", "JAG", and a long list more..

not only does the cast have loads of experience but the crew as well... (blue crush, batman, bucket list, etc... ) im beyond stoked right now!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


stole this from thy bf... haven't blogged in a while.. can't find the time or inspiration to plop my ass down and vomit out an entertaining story. so this tells it all.... until next time...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

..defying gravity..

"it's time to try defying gravity, 
i think i'll try defying graving, 
and you can't pull me down"- Elphaba, Wicked

have you ever woke up one day and just wanted bail out like a nutt head in a psycho ward? its just me?  

well that has been my life for the past few months.. there is just a part of me that yearns for more fabulousness in my life..  (i.e. a better job in fashion, a paycheck that i can agree with, and the ability to shop at all times of the day) and thankfully my recent trip to NYC has accelerated these urges..... like all those viagra commercials thats flooded our televisons... yeah..... imagine what's going on in my head...

while watching the tony awards, i finally had the urge to put these thoughts into words:

1. i will move out of hawaii... 
east coast or west coast???.. 
well that's been put into a whirl wind of confusion..
(don't ask.. my bf, mother, neighbor, roommate, the bum on the side walk all asks me everyday,  which one... ) IDK yet peeps!!

2. to work on TV/Film/Broadway as a Costume Designer
(now if they happen to ask me to act a little, hey why would i complain with that? I'll be JLo's butt double..)

3. Travel the world.... 
I just love traveling... what can i say... there is so much to see, to learn, to take in, to shop, and definitely to EAT! 
(in my opinion the last 2 are the best part of being alive)

4.  if #2 doesn't work out... any job that involves the below:
-a LA or NYC zip code (europe is good too)
-constant traveling to the places stated above.
-and obviously the creative end of FASHION!

5. after i achieve the above i will be ridiculously 
rich where i can live the abnormal life of carrie bradshaw.. 
minus the constant nudity of her friends....

as you can see they are very broad and how i will divide these goals up into tasks.. well lets just say im working on it... i'll leave that for another self loathing blog....


so to sooth my agitation...
here are some MORE pictures that all of you had asked me to post... 
(funny 0 comments on this blog... but how people find me.. sheish)


the little lady next door...

central park



times square

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

..going to my happy place...

back home...
nyc was amazing.. it was a trip well needed 
(and in my opinion well deserved)
this trip really opened my eyes to the possibility of changing my mailing address to a manhattan zip code... guess i have to really weigh my options and find a 
winning lottery ticket... i'll be working on it..
on another note:

while i was enjoying two weeks of stuffing my face, speed walking, spending my last bits of money, and oohhing & ahhing over every possible thing in NYC... my desk turned into this:

(this is only 1/3 of my desk... )
 you'd think they'd be happy i was on a vaycay..
...going back to my happy place...
meat-packing district

strawberry fields

times square

Sunday, May 17, 2009

nyc is amazing... 
so much to see or do...  the days go by soooo fast i can't keep up.. 
some places that were awesome:

opening ceremony
shake shack
little italy
top shop
elizabeth and james/ larock sample sale
WTC museum
5th ave
our tour guides look like molly shannon 
& a female version of the penguin in batman.. 
(no seriously)

tomorrow starts the business wear.. ughhhhhh
(can i pass?)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

..happy feet..

when told was that business casual was required for most of our time in NYC...gasp!!.. i almost had an out-of-body experience... what fashion consious being would care to wear business casual outfits when traveling to NYC ?? not to mention most of us don't even own a pair of slacks or a button down shirt.. we live in hawaii for god's sake.. booriinggg

in the midst of deleting all the pre-planned NYC outfits out of my mind, i hear my teacher say "blah blah... wear comfortable shoes... blah blah"... huh??....flash backs of blisters from previous traveling adventures... ohh no...

Honestly, where in the universe can you find a pair of feirce "business casual" shoes that don't : 1. cripple your feet resulting to you walking like your barbie with knees that don't bend..or..2. the pair that relays the fashion statement equivilent to your grandmothers dinner shoes?

ladies there is a god...
(well actually a few of them)

meet :
paige -($425)

i picked up these babies from Nordstrom while moochin off of my mama's wallet... (guilty).. not only do i feel like i can conquer NYC in these shoes, i feel like i could run a marathon and bus out my interpretation of the jig... if it actually keeps my feet happy.. well we'll see...

former ballroom dancer and chemical enginner, Anyi Lu created a line of shoes that gave the fit, support, and flexiblity; combined with italian craftsmanship and trendy colorways... (hence its price tag).... any "business casual" (forced or voluntarily) girl would drool over... another foot friendly designer is Taryn Rose.. check out their websites to learn more about the interesting history of these designers..

10 days and counting!!.......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

california love

completely stole this blog from the bf
im either too lazy to blog about my recent LA trip or let alone think for myself.  And probably the fact that he took more pictures than i did, it makes it sooo much easier to STEAL..

in the words of him: (along with my 2 cents)
Fashion District, downtown Los Angeles.  Any female dream day.  
I STILL can’t comprehend how this whole area works.

(dream day? not really... melrose or rodeo with a limitless credit card.. that i don't have to pay thats a dream day!)

Got Beads?

(no comment)



and more…

(i was wondering why i found him in the jewelry isle...)

Sash steady on the grind…

(don't want the boss to kill me for going over i?)

Whoo, what you know about Roscoe’s?  You can gain 5lbs. by just looking at this picture.


Checked out some hoops while in LA.  No, F the Lakers!  They ain’t got nothing on my lil cousins!

(laker fans... im sorry..i'll tell you where he lives)

Kendal “The Prodigy”… of course she made it!  Lead scorer of the game, what!

(no joke.. this kid is good...she already has colleges following her.. did i mention she's only in the 5th grade!!! wtf..)

Tommy Burger - Los Angeles staple.

(homer simpson: ahhhhhhhhhhhh)


(he couldn't stop burping/farting for the next 48 hrs.. real sexy)

Silverlake - Think I’m in love!

(dyk that silverlake use to be hella ghetto... but our trusty gays came in and cleaned it up!..i will live in silverlake! i will live in silverlake! i will live in silverlake!!!!)

We out, fast but sweet!

(tweeting my goodbyes..)