Friday, February 25, 2011

..i spy..


beats by dre

did i miss anything?

i LOVE eminem.. and I LOVE this song.. hate to say im a bit disappointed with this music video.

Loved the flash backs, the water girl, and his tribute (if it was one) to his (dre's) son. however, i didn't love the Mr. Freeze/Frankenstein story line, along with the heavy product placement..

i prefer them live, real, and in the moment..


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

..she's back!..

gahhh... how i missed her..

Adele is seriously one of my favorite artists... like the type id jump into a hysterical fit if i ever got to see her perform... Meeting her would be even better... Along with: michael buble, beyonce, eminem (technically did already while in the pit at this years grammy's), the cast of Glee, and the growing fave.. Florence + the machine.. (an odd range of fave's i know... i'll go ahead and raise an eyebrow at myself..)

Her newest track "Rolling in the Deep" has been my new anthem at work... blasting this song on repeat gets me through those endless purchase orders.. Just the beat itself gets my mood bumpin...

loving this video... love the rippling of the water glasses and the fluid warrior dancer..

my next favorite song on her album: "Someone like you"

now tell me what girl couldn't relate to both of these songs? Living through the ups and downs of heartbreak... the chest busting confidence that puts you on top of the world (Rolling in the deep), but in a split second you find yourself dealing with the fear that you'll be the one that missed the happily ever after bus.. (Someone like you)

Like many girls (ok.. ok and guys) ive known both these feelings all too well..

Adele's album 21 releases Feb. 22, but until then you can check out a track by track description of each song on her new album (here) or you can check out more videos of Adele (here)

luuuuvvvv herrrr... got her cd on pre-order on amazon... can't wait!