Tuesday, May 17, 2011

..cover to cover..

Ever since Beauty & the Beast was hammering into every little girls fantasies, there is something magical about in home libraries that just gets me.. the feeling you get when skimming through the titles of each book while imagining the secrets and stories that fill the room... (i just made myself sound creepy..)

this odd attraction is probably derived from my nerdy dad who constantly had his nose in a book. not to mention his homemade bookshelf that consist of cinder blocks and ply wood.... or possibly deriving from my childhood home in kailua, which had a built in bookshelf in my room... i remember on boring sundays after watching some sort of disney vhs saga.. i would monkey climb the wall to inspect each and every shelf.. probably in hopes of finding a portal to the Hawaii entrance to the Lion, Witch, and the wardrobe... how I would love to get lost in Narnia...

love these modern versions..