Tuesday, March 24, 2009

..la la land!..

my boss just let me book a flight to LA!!
going back to korea town for another buying trip 

and guess what....


woot woot!!
I guess i'll get my travel fix since i'll be in LA in april and NYC in may!! 

guess im gonna rep my estevan oriols tee tomorrow..

making my list of things i need to do:
-get some well needed/deserved shopping on melrose
-finally eat at roscos chicken & waffles
-hang out with my awesome LA friends
-eat at pinks, jtown, & drink some fat tire!
-hit up fairfax & la brea... the bf is coming with
-lakers game anyone?
-ooh and britney is having a concert that weekend too.. 
(ok so i like britney.. so what!.)
-and maybe some possible twilight stalking.. (shhh secret)

can't wait for some good food, good shoppin, and some good fun!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


new moto:

"Ladies, if you got 14 women hatin on you.. you obviously doing something fuckin right!... now you got to fuckin figure out how to fuckin get 16 before the summer gets here!" -kat williams 

hate all you want bitches!! ha!
im gonna make it one day!

(this statement is not directed towards anyone.. just a pick-me-upper..)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

..billa BONG..

been slacking on my billabong fall 09 junior buys.. (its my biggest account..) so it takes a loooonnnggg time to do.. can't seem to find the urge to start.. 

being a buyer is fun.. but the pressure of getting right.. in this economy its gruesome.. (especially if you have my boss)

maybe this blog will help with the motivation.. (doubt it)
here's a small preview on whats in store for billabong jrs fall 09

Thursday, March 12, 2009

..mr. queen..

 currently at work..  
bored as can be..
pecking away at my computer entering orders...

to satisfy my boredom i decided i'll do some "fashion research" code word at work to let me surf the web.. 

I just finished reading the GQ article on mr. rob pattinson 
(my very secret indulgence, however in this article he seems a bit manic depressant or just strange)

when I came across this amazing article on Alexander McQueen from the refinery29 blog.

i love this quote that the ny times quotes mcqueen on:
"i think its dangerous to play it safe because you will just get lost in the midst of cashmere twin sets. people don't want to see clothes.  they want to see something that fuels the imagination." - mcqueen

what i also love about mcqueen is that he can put on a show... 

"This was, Mr. McQueen said, an ironic exploration of a designer’s reinvention. The irony is that designers say that fashion is constantly being reinvented, yet they continue to show the same shapes and trends of decades past. (Ergo, this season the collections have been fixated on the 1980s.)

After the triumphs of his recent collections, this was a risky show, entirely uncommercial and intentionally provocative, and it generated extreme reactions. Dennis Freedman, the creative director of W, was visibly ecstatic watching the show; but another magazine editor, afterward, compared the trash-bin styling to “a collection inspired by Wall-E.”"

Mr. McQueen, in effect, was calling fashion’s bluff when he opened his collection with a suit in a 1940s silhouette, with a nipped waist and flared skirt in houndstooth wool, worn by a model who walked with her hands on her hips and posed with the exaggerated gestures of an Irving Pennphotograph. That was followed by a houndstooth print on a mink coat in a Poiret shape and wool jackets that were defaced with embroidery that looked like a Jackson Pollockpainting.

All the models wore hats by the milliner Philip Treacy that were made of trash-can liners and aluminum cans, or recycled household objects; the makeup, inspired by the mad look of Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil,” gave the models the appearance of plastic faces that were all lips. The music, as well, was a mash-up of songs from his prior shows, with bits of “Vogue” and Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People.”-nytimes.com

check it out.. lemme know what you think.. 

better get back to work..sigh.

..Top Shelf..

was looking through some pictures of "sneak peeks" this years 
upcoming UH senior fashion show...

its been only a year since my line "top shelf" walked down that runway
so i decided to reminisce 

here are some of the items that were in my street wear inspired line



funny how i have a degree in fashion design and i work as a women's buyer for a chain surf & skate company... weird how this world works

makes me want to cover my living room with fabric again
we will see.......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ladies First


my two fave street brands has finally come together


merch just got dropped march 7th at all stussy chapter stores & premium retailers...
can't wait for my paycheck...
and to add to my hellz/stussy collection of unnecessary clothes..

its a small collection.. but i can't wait to see what else these brands come out with next..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

..ga ga..

i don't know why.. but i love this video..

i wanna party with them
wear their funky clothes..