Monday, July 20, 2009

..that mushy feeling...

if anyone knows me, you'd know that im a psycho die hard for animals.. especially doggies.. (i literally start speaking a different "animal" language when i see a 4 legged furry friend, like i was in church or something..)

i am practically banned by my family and bf (and his family) to go to pet stores because I tend to get filled with such overpowering excitement that turns me into moldable putty.. resulting in me looking like a sucker to the sales people. Sadly, whoever was lucky enough to join me in this adventure (usually the bf) suddenly ends up carrying a breathing "thing" in their hands while i skip down the aisle picking out all the things this furry lil friend HAS to have.. i tend to bring home doggies thinking they'll be the perfect gift for someone... it doesn't always lead to the imagined "perfect" ending i had hoped for.. (hence the banning from pet stores)

what can i say.. i love these creatures and i want everyone to love them as much as i do.. (would you call this an obsessive addiction?) how can anyone not love a poochie that gives unconditional love, an encouraging lick to get you out of bed, and above all that unexpected uncontrollable smile you get by just looking at them....

so i thought id share some cuuuutteee pixs from the island tails blog that i check from time to time.. (since im bored at work and can't seem to find the will to do anything productive)

(pictures from the island tails blog)

my cousins new baby... koda-matsu-lotsa-yen
(and you thought i was nutts..hehee)

and the cutest thing in the world.. my baby... Mia <3
(aka: mama, mama mia, mimi, swe swe, bubba, pretty girl, woof woof, my little dobash, etc..)

sad i know

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.. One Kine Day..

i officially booked my first acting gig!!

so the story is, i auditioned a few weeks back for a tiny role in a cool indie film. (yes, i secretly signed with an agent and have been taking acting classes for the past 6 months...) the funny/awkward thing is that i am also interning with them in their costuming dept. my manager/agent called me to tell me about this audition I got for a small indie film... randomly it was the same project. (can you imagine the weirdness when i came in for my audition.. yep...)

im super stoked and even though i have only a few lines, i hope i fulfill their expectations of a young teenage floozy.. hehe (i think have enough past memories that i can bring out my inner flirt).

the best thing of all, the staff is so cool and amazing.. i love my costume designer who has worked on countless films as Morgan Freeman's personal costume designer and who I am secretly begging for her to adopt me as her new love child and take me along everywhere she goes... (desperate? you bet!)

things are looking up and hopefully will open the doors to bigger and better things!!!

below are some "story ads" about the film:

some of the cast consists of:
-Christa B. Allen (Alea) who has been Jennifer Garner's younger self in "13 going on 30" & "Ghost of Girlfriends past".
-Janel Parrish (Leilani) who played Jade in the "Bratz Movie" and also did some episodes on the T.V. Series "Heros"
-Julia Nickson-Soul (Ralsto's Mom) who acted in "Rambo II", episodes of "Power Rangers", "JAG", and a long list more..

not only does the cast have loads of experience but the crew as well... (blue crush, batman, bucket list, etc... ) im beyond stoked right now!