Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


stole this from thy bf... haven't blogged in a while.. can't find the time or inspiration to plop my ass down and vomit out an entertaining story. so this tells it all.... until next time...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

..defying gravity..

"it's time to try defying gravity, 
i think i'll try defying graving, 
and you can't pull me down"- Elphaba, Wicked

have you ever woke up one day and just wanted bail out like a nutt head in a psycho ward?....no.. its just me?  

well that has been my life for the past few months.. there is just a part of me that yearns for more fabulousness in my life..  (i.e. a better job in fashion, a paycheck that i can agree with, and the ability to shop at all times of the day) and thankfully my recent trip to NYC has accelerated these urges..... like all those viagra commercials thats flooded our televisons... yeah..... imagine what's going on in my head...

while watching the tony awards, i finally had the urge to put these thoughts into words:

1. i will move out of hawaii... 
east coast or west coast???.. 
well that's been put into a whirl wind of confusion..
(don't ask.. my bf, mother, neighbor, roommate, the bum on the side walk all asks me everyday,  which one... ) IDK yet peeps!!

2. to work on TV/Film/Broadway as a Costume Designer
(now if they happen to ask me to act a little, hey why would i complain with that? I'll be JLo's butt double..)

3. Travel the world.... 
I just love traveling... what can i say... there is so much to see, to learn, to take in, to shop, and definitely to EAT! 
(in my opinion the last 2 are the best part of being alive)

4.  if #2 doesn't work out... any job that involves the below:
-a LA or NYC zip code (europe is good too)
-constant traveling to the places stated above.
-and obviously the creative end of FASHION!

5. after i achieve the above i will be ridiculously 
rich where i can live the abnormal life of carrie bradshaw.. 
minus the constant nudity of her friends....

as you can see they are very broad and how i will divide these goals up into tasks.. well lets just say im working on it... i'll leave that for another self loathing blog....


so to sooth my agitation...
here are some MORE pictures that all of you had asked me to post... 
(funny 0 comments on this blog... but how people find me.. sheish)


the little lady next door...

central park



times square

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

..going to my happy place...

back home...
nyc was amazing.. it was a trip well needed 
(and in my opinion well deserved)
this trip really opened my eyes to the possibility of changing my mailing address to a manhattan zip code... guess i have to really weigh my options and find a 
winning lottery ticket... i'll be working on it..
on another note:

while i was enjoying two weeks of stuffing my face, speed walking, spending my last bits of money, and oohhing & ahhing over every possible thing in NYC... my desk turned into this:

(this is only 1/3 of my desk... )
 you'd think they'd be happy i was on a vaycay..
...going back to my happy place...
meat-packing district

strawberry fields

times square