Saturday, January 31, 2009

..home sweet home..


can say that I am glad to not be living out of my suitcase
however, my room looks like my closet threw up in it..

here are some pictures to recap the trip until i collect
 my sanity to think of a blog to write next.. 


...WHAT!! i couldn't resist...

..bottle service @ Sweetwater Hard Rock..

..lakers vs. spurs..

..cutes kid alive... 

...great seats... 

mr. parker

lead singer of maroon 5 (adam levine) green mile.. (michael clarke duncan)

ellen pompei

THE jack nicholson

these great seats make me a tad bit creepy?

andy garcia

i love you melrose ave....


sweet crips air, good food, great fashion, and the dream..

i love this place....

till next time...

Friday, January 23, 2009

..still alive..

still alive in cali...

 last nights all you can eat & drink pizza night 
two bottles of grey goose with sparklers..

near death from mr. nobu san
 paid for by rusty

lakers vs. spurs
paid for by the la jolla group

this is what hurts:

my head
my feet
my shins
and my liver.....

...god i love this place...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

..i died..

so yesterday i was hanging out with thy mum in neiman marcus.

as we were checking out the wonderful products of shu uemura (next upcoming blog).. i couldn't resist the designer shoe section five feet away from me... it was like a drug drawing me into the dark side...

the first shoe section i hit was of course mr. louboutin... i think i touched every single shoe, until i came across these two:

christian louboutin-double platform sandal ($1,045.00)


christian louboutin- platform cage sandal ($995.00)

to indulge myself i tried these two on while my mom drooled over a pair of manolos.. (the sales person was ecstatic with hopes of my purchase)

in the words of mrs. rachel zoe:

"..i died.."

both fit beautifully, fitting every inch of my arc comfortably.. these shoes made my small stature of 4'11" a full 4-5inches taller and slimming out my stubby gymnastics legs... i have never seen myself with the illusion of long skinny legs.. again..

..i died..

i honestly had to convince my self out of bolting out the neiman doors with these shoes on..unfortunately leaving my mom in the dust... but lucky i got a grip.. i guess the image of my mug shot brought me back to reality..

so i have come to the conclusion that one day i will own more then one pair of these babies... my current short goal for my career is to smuggle up enough money (continuously) so i can begin a sick new love affair with mr. louboutin.


Friday, January 16, 2009

back back to cali cali....

"im going going back back to cali cali...."

ASR & Korea town here I come...

i secretly want to miss my flight home and stay in la la land forever!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

..award season is here... joy!

As predicted:

the fishtail and body forming silouhette
 is definitely in, along with the neutral tones of nudes and ivories. 

its amazing how these forecasting 
guru's get this shit right... 

other spotted trends:
asymmetrical strap

here are my faves from tonight's golden globes...

eva longoria parker in a reem acra fishtail gown

angelina jolie in an atelier versace gown 

kate beckinsale in j.mendel hourglass gown

marisa tomei in ???

maggie gyllenhaal in a "cat-paw print" lanvin gown.

other likes were: sandra bullock & demi moore in dior and olivia wilde in reem acra 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

..spice up yo life..

i learned a really cool life lesson today 
and i feel the need to share..

while i was previewing the new fall/holiday 09 Dakine line the rep and i came across the conversation of the people i work with.  After answering with umms and grunts he shared with me something he learned back when he was a prep for a restaurant. 

rep: people are like spices...

me: huh?

rep: yeah, each person is their own spice.  

me: (looking completely confused & thinking this guy is nutts)

rep: when I was a prep at this restaurant, I asked the chef: "how to do you create all these meals? does it just come to you?"  So the chef brought out all of his spices and set them on the table and asked me to try them one by one.  Some where bitter, some where sweet.. some where just completely nasty.. 

then the chef had me try things together.. and they combined created a whole different taste. resulting in the chef's theory that a single spice may not be anything great by themselves, but when combines with numerous spices you create a masterpiece to the tastebuds. 

me: thinking...

rep: So we are all a different "spice"... we have our own personality.. Some people are bitter & nasty by themselves and we can't stand being around them..(not forgetting the complaining and shit talking that comes with it..) But when combined with another "spice" who brings different qualities to the table... something great is created!  

me: jaw dropped...

lesson for the day... 

each person is their own different & unique self.. whether they are a complete ass hole, a tight wad, a push over, a ass kisser, a sweet talker, or even just a plain hard worker...
(believe me i could go on with the name calling) 

we are who we are... 

but even the most grueling aspect of one person could be the greatest marriage of personalities with another.. it works for businesses, relationships, and even friendships... by just stepping out of the box and thinking "how can "this" help?"  there's the possibility of that light at the end of the tunnel...

 get some ear plugs... just in case.. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


miss urple purple tagged me on my five favorite addictions..

here they are:

1.  My pooch- "Mia"

2. The Twilight Saga:

ok ok... i know i jumped on the teeny screamy bandwagon... but these books are dam good! 
i did not realize how popular they were until after watching the movie and then getting caught stalking edward cullen on u-tube 
by my roommate... errr yeah..  awkward..

3. Char Siu Tan Tan Ramen at Goma Tei 

yummy in my tummy!!

Goma Tei Ramen Restaurant
Ward Centre
1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
Telephone: 808.591.9118

4. Sephora nail polish by O.P.I

left to right: Caffeine Fix, Base Coat, It's All About Me, 
Metro Chic, I'm With Brad. ($9)

5. Starbuck: Tall Americano with room for cream...please!!

no one to tag... so feel free to keep it movin...

Thursday, January 1, 2009


huh? its over?

throw away that brown christmas tree
take off those party hats
rid your fridge with those leftovers....but keep the booze
put that sequence party dress away
pray to loose that holiday weight
clean your goddamn room!

we got work on monday :(

2009 is here..

happy fuckin new year....