Tuesday, April 28, 2009

california love

completely stole this blog from the bf
im either too lazy to blog about my recent LA trip or let alone think for myself.  And probably the fact that he took more pictures than i did, it makes it sooo much easier to STEAL..

in the words of him: (along with my 2 cents)
Fashion District, downtown Los Angeles.  Any female dream day.  
I STILL can’t comprehend how this whole area works.

(dream day? not really... melrose or rodeo with a limitless credit card.. that i don't have to pay off....now thats a dream day!)

Got Beads?

(no comment)



and more…

(i was wondering why i found him in the jewelry isle...)

Sash steady on the grind…

(don't want the boss to kill me for going over budget...do i?)

Whoo, what you know about Roscoe’s?  You can gain 5lbs. by just looking at this picture.


Checked out some hoops while in LA.  No, F the Lakers!  They ain’t got nothing on my lil cousins!

(laker fans... im sorry..i'll tell you where he lives)

Kendal “The Prodigy”… of course she made it!  Lead scorer of the game, what!

(no joke.. this kid is good...she already has colleges following her.. did i mention she's only in the 5th grade!!! wtf..)

Tommy Burger - Los Angeles staple.

(homer simpson: ahhhhhhhhhhhh)


(he couldn't stop burping/farting for the next 48 hrs.. real sexy)

Silverlake - Think I’m in love!

(dyk that silverlake use to be hella ghetto... but our trusty gays came in and cleaned it up!..i will live in silverlake! i will live in silverlake! i will live in silverlake!!!!)

We out, fast but sweet!

(tweeting my goodbyes..)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

..book worm..

ok i finally found time to blog after all this mayhem going on.. inventory, previewing holiday 09 lines, school, projects, unpacking, laundry, bills, doggie check ups, etc...  yeah im a bit pooped.. so i decided to take a break and blog about nothing important... like always.. 

so in search for the perfect gift for my roommate urple (since urban was doing nothing friendly to my wallet), my bf's friend recommended this sick bookstore off of sunset in LA:

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Suite 8
Los Angeles, CA 90028

this bookstore is completely devoted to the arts and architecture.  it was like a candy store for my bf who ran straight to the graphics section and for me who b-lined to the fashion section.   if it wasn't for my bursting blatter, we probably would have pulled out a picnic matt and stayed there all day.  yeah like those nut-cases who hide in the hallways and read books all day.. yeah we would have thrown out our dignity for a few hrs of that... 

after the oohing and ahhing (not to mention the jumping up and down to subside my urge to piss myself) i finally found a coffee table book on warhol perfect for the girl next door.... (now if she likes/loves warhol? no clue.. but it was worth a shot...) 

warhol by: eric shanes

this book show cased his contemporary art that transformed the line between fine arts & popular culture.  here is some pics that i found interesting of warhol's work.....


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


im baaackk... 

a short but wonderful trip to la la land 
(however, i must have gained 10lbs)

updates soon on what i came across...
stay tuned..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

..new moon..

i completely stole this from the wtforks blog...
ok yes.. i follow a twilight devoted blog... however, in my defense the bloggers are the designer & friends of the Hellz Bellz gang... (which i also follow..)

here is a fan made trailer of the movie "new moon", its a bit choppy but much more than I expected and like the wtforks blog stated "this bitch is GOOOOODDD.  and after seeing this i giggled like a lil girl... hehe"
i concur...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

..maybe i don't suck... that much

just received an award for undergraduate sustainable design from the international textile and apparel association (ITAA)

for my senior fashion show, 
all seniors along with their line has to create 3 category garments.  since this world is turning into a place where if its not environmentally friendly then you out to go to hell and burn, 
 we created a "go green" garment.. 
(you should able to figure out the rest)

funny thing..

 no one cared to tell me... 

found out by shamefully googling myself on a boring sunday waiting for the laundry to finish... may i add many many months later

this is what I stumbled across:

i guess after contacting my teacher (who happened to attend the conference but somehow didn't know that his student received an award..dumb-ass) i received this nifty card-stock award...  sadly i wasn't good enough for the scholarship check... crap..  that could have solved some problems..

my "t-shirt dress"

made out of old cheerleading...(yes i said cheerleading...) t-shirts and hand dyed

they say when entering the contest (in hopes you get accepted) that it does great wonders to your fashion career to participate let alone win an award from the ITAA organization......

let see how that works out... i have my doubts