Thursday, December 31, 2009 new year ressie...

so now comes the time when everyone comes up with those hopeful weight loss/quit smoking resolutions that usually starts of with determination, but unfortunately ends up in the back of your mind and/or closet...

most people crack at the sight of a banana split or a sip of vodka... (im one of em, the things you could get me to do for ice cream & liqour) so here's my stab at 2010... ive been pretty fut-less lately with my life's achievements so hopefully i'll keep the flame burning and not cope out when someone dangles a brownie in front of my face....

my new years resolution:

1. to continue to achieve the dreams that were instilled into me, while still being me.
(which hopefully includes an awesome job in nyc, that pays an amazing salary, that comes with an gorg loft in the city... red brick walls preferred... & my bf, urple, & mia in hand is the icing on the cake...
(one can only hope..)

2. to exercise more/eat less
(what human being does NOT say this during the new year? admit it.. we are all a inner fatty..)
(good for the body)

3. to wear my heels
(i have a semi problematic fetish of collecting shoes that I say... "im going to wear when I go out..." problem is: i never go out..... however, you gotta admit its a good work out for the hips, buns, & thighs... negs: blisters..)
(good for the money i already spent)

4. to travel more
(vegas is feb & nyc in march! woot woot)
(good for life)

5. save more $
(guess the shoes & travel hurts this one.. )
(only buy what i need & not what I want... this includes the grocery store!!)
(good for the wallet)

6. to read more
(have a little faith, lost symbol, the art of dancing in the rain... is the current list)
(good for the mind)

7. to take more classes
(there is always something to learn in this world.. why not learn something new or refreshing something old?..
(good for the soul.)

8. to blog more
(sometime i have nothing to talk about... and is partially lazy...)
(good for....?)

9. to not cut people off when they are talking..
(according to the bf.. i have a bad habit of cutting people off while they are talking... mainly due to mere excitement of the topic...)
(good for the manners i lack of)

10. to enjoy the life that has been given to me...
(good for... all of the above...)

happy 2010!!