Sunday, May 17, 2009

nyc is amazing... 
so much to see or do...  the days go by soooo fast i can't keep up.. 
some places that were awesome:

opening ceremony
shake shack
little italy
top shop
elizabeth and james/ larock sample sale
WTC museum
5th ave
our tour guides look like molly shannon 
& a female version of the penguin in batman.. 
(no seriously)

tomorrow starts the business wear.. ughhhhhh
(can i pass?)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

..happy feet..

when told was that business casual was required for most of our time in NYC...gasp!!.. i almost had an out-of-body experience... what fashion consious being would care to wear business casual outfits when traveling to NYC ?? not to mention most of us don't even own a pair of slacks or a button down shirt.. we live in hawaii for god's sake.. booriinggg

in the midst of deleting all the pre-planned NYC outfits out of my mind, i hear my teacher say "blah blah... wear comfortable shoes... blah blah"... huh??....flash backs of blisters from previous traveling adventures... ohh no...

Honestly, where in the universe can you find a pair of feirce "business casual" shoes that don't : 1. cripple your feet resulting to you walking like your barbie with knees that don't bend..or..2. the pair that relays the fashion statement equivilent to your grandmothers dinner shoes?

ladies there is a god...
(well actually a few of them)

meet :
paige -($425)

i picked up these babies from Nordstrom while moochin off of my mama's wallet... (guilty).. not only do i feel like i can conquer NYC in these shoes, i feel like i could run a marathon and bus out my interpretation of the jig... if it actually keeps my feet happy.. well we'll see...

former ballroom dancer and chemical enginner, Anyi Lu created a line of shoes that gave the fit, support, and flexiblity; combined with italian craftsmanship and trendy colorways... (hence its price tag).... any "business casual" (forced or voluntarily) girl would drool over... another foot friendly designer is Taryn Rose.. check out their websites to learn more about the interesting history of these designers..

10 days and counting!!.......